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AB11021402 82 Blackhand US - Alliance level 82 male Dwarf Shadow Priest Health38732,Mana39889,Damage:3035,Healing:3035,Hit Rating259,Crit Chance:18%,Haste Rating:597,MP5:668 Talent Specialization:Shadow0/4/34,Discipline31/6/0 Primary Professions:Engineering360,Mining450 Gear:Average item level(266 Equipped),2*item level300,item level 288,item level 285,5*item level 283,over 5000 gold and so on Riding skill:300 Mounts: Obtain 3 mounts, Armored Brown Bear Achievement points: 1590 Alts:level 67 male Worgen Subtlety Rogue(Health7931,Energy100)

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